Image Compressor – Compress Images Online Without Losing Quality

There are a lot of scenarios where you might need to reduce the size of an image. For instance, you might be trying to save some precious storage on your device or you might want to make your website load faster by using smaller-sized images while not compromising image quality or you might be required to reduce the size of an image to satisfy the size requirements while filling an online form. Whatever the case may be, an Image Compressor tool can be really useful when you want to compress or reduce the size of your images.

There are two ways to compress images. You can compress them online by using an online tool or you can download a mobile app if you need to compress images on a regular basis.

Bulk Image Compressor – Compress Images Online

We launched Image Compressor to help you easily compress images online. Using this tool, you can reduce your image size up to 70% without compromising your image quality.

Image Compressor homepage.

Go to Image Compressor. Upload or drag & drop the images that you want to compress. That’s it.

Compressing a few images to show how the Image Compressor works.

Compressing images online can save you a lot of hassle if you want to reduce the size of an image quickly.

Image Compressor Mobile App

There are times when your phone’s storage is filling up but you don’t want to delete any images to free up space on your device. You can use an Image Compressor app to reduce the size of your existing images and help save you that precious mobile storage space.

We built the Image Compressor app to help you solve this problem and make it extremely easy to compress images on your phone.

To test just how efficient the compression is, we took a set of a little over 1700 images that was 16.88 GB in size. After compressing the images using this app, the total size came to just 317.3 MB. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

You can download the Image Compressor app for Android from the link below.

Google play badge.